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What fathers in California should know about co-parenting

Co-parenting after a divorce can be challenging, particularly if the divorce wasn’t amicable. However, the most important thing for co-parenting fathers to remember is that the child’s needs always take priority. Here’s what fathers should keep in mind while interacting with their children and former spouse.

Communicate as much as possible

While fathers might want to keep communication with their former spouse to a minimum, they should stay in touch with the other parent throughout the co-parenting process. Both parents should always talk to each other directly rather than rely on the children to relay messages. When the former spouses meet in public, they should remain friendly and positive in front of their children. Parents should never fight in front of their children or try to make them take sides in the divorce. If a parent has serious issues, he or she should take them to a family law attorney.

Maintain a regular schedule

Maintaining a schedule is important for the children’s sense of safety and well-being. A divorce can uproot every aspect of their lives, and they’ll be even more stressed if they don’t know what to expect on a day-to-day basis. Co-parenting fathers should keep their children’s schedule as routine and consistent as possible, even if it means making sacrifices. They should be ready to commit to routine activities like taking their children to school rather than expecting the children’s mother to shoulder the responsibilities.

Where to seek counsel during a divorce

Fathers going through a divorce might wish to speak with a family law attorney about co-parenting concerns. The attorney may be able to assess the situation and help their client build the strongest possible case for child custody or visitation rights. The attorney might also negotiate other aspects of the divorce, like dividing up property and financial assets.

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