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Women often first to seek a marriage dissolution

Traditional stereotypes in California and across the nation suggest that women are the sex most interested in settling down and having a family. But many people may be surprised to know that women are also the most likely of the two genders to initiate divorce proceedings.

A 2015 report from the American Sociological Association revealed that women initiate nearly 70% of divorce proceedings. It may be a bit confusing for some people to fathom the fact that women are both more interested in settling down and getting divorced, but several reasons may explain these two facts.

Women, often, will not hesitate to ask for a divorce if they feel their marriage is holding them back. While women make up more than half of the current workforce in the country, they are often still expected to fulfill traditional duties around the house. Women who feel that marriage or their spouse is hindering their career may not choose to continue life as a married woman for much longer.

Women also bear unequal emotional burdens in many marriages. One reason for this is the inability of some men to communicate emotions. It is also common for men to have no other emotional support outside of their wives. Meanwhile, women often enjoy many sources for the emotional support they need. This fact makes it more difficult, sometimes, for men to leave a marriage.

There were times in the country when the lack of opportunity enjoyed by women made many of them feel that it was their fate to accept mistreatment from a spouse. These days are no more. Women who earn enough to support themselves are much less likely to live with infidelity or other bad behavior from a significant other.

All people enter into marriage with thoughts of happiness and a lifelong partnership. Unfortunately, the reality is different for about half the married couples in the country. Individuals who feel it is time to leave a marriage that is not working for them may become better able to protect their interests by working with a divorce attorney.

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