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Creating a peaceful joint custody agreement

On Behalf of | Jul 24, 2020 | Child Custody

Couples in California and other parts of the U.S. who are facing divorce may have to navigate the difficult process of making joint custody work for both parties. When a court awards shared custody to both parents, it can be challenging to make arrangements that suit the best interests of the child without conflicting the parents’ schedules.

It may take some time for parents to determine the logistics of a joint child custody arrangement where a child splits time between each parent’s home. When both parents are being cooperative, it can significantly help children adjust to these major family changes.

Divorce often causes emotional upheaval that can lead individuals to focus too much on their own needs or hurts. The most practical way for parents to approach a child custody agreement is to remember that the child’s needs are most important. Parents should attempt to create a customized custody arrangement that takes the entire family’s schedules into account. For some couples, a joint custody agreement may work best when children spend one week with one parent and another week with the other parent. Some couples may prefer an arrangement where the children spend two to three days with one parent then the same amount of time with the other parent.

Communication is crucial for child custody agreements to thrive. When children grow and change, the terms of the shared custody agreement may also need to follow suit. Since the process of establishing shared custody arrangements can be quite complex, parents may consider consulting with an experienced child custody attorney. An attorney who specializes in child custody issues may be able to help parents resolve matters as efficiently as possible.