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We Match Estate Planning Solutions To Your Goals

Many people believe that writing a will is enough to protect their estate. A will is important, but it is only one part of the overall process. Even if you have a will, your estate would still go through probate, which is often expensive, public and time-consuming.

Without the right tools, you might lose the chance to get the best protection for your family, property and personal wishes. At Johnston, Kinney & Zulaica LLP, we strive to connect each client with the most fitting options for their needs. Our California estate planning lawyers can help you create a customized plan.

The Fundamentals Of Estate Planning

Typically, the most basic estate planning methods include:

  • A valid and legally enforceable will that names your heirs, among other things
  • A revocable living trust, which enables your family to avoid probate as well as guides asset management and decision-making if you become incapacitated during your lifetime
  • Powers of attorney for financial management and health care decision-making in case you are unable to take care of these things yourself one day
  • Nomination of guardians for minor children, which gives parents peace of mind
  • Entity formation, such as an LLC, to give you greater protection and control over your assets and avoid taxes

You can decide ahead of time who will make decisions and use your resources to take care of you and the ones you love. Especially if you own substantial assets, estate planning requires detailed knowledge of the different tools available that will best fit your wealth and goals. Work with an attorney at Johnston, Kinney & Zulaica LLP to consider all your options and begin establishing your plan.

Next-Level Estate Planning

In addition to fundamental options, we advise clients regarding:

  • Complex trusts: Charitable trusts, dynasty trusts and other special trusts to serve unique, specific purposes.
  • Entity formation: If you own a business or aspire to form a charitable foundation, we can help you create the proper legal entity for your goals.
  • Estate tax and tax planning: Estate taxes can significantly reduce the amount of money and property that your beneficiaries will inherit. Our attorneys can help you minimize tax liability through lifetime gifting, trusts and other strategies.
  • International estate planning: If you own assets overseas, you will need a comprehensive and cohesive plan that accounts for all property in your estate.

Gaining a clear picture of your values and goals is the most critical step in the planning process. We will work closely with you and your other advisers to ensure that each estate planning method reflects your goals. Our work will help you set the stage for easy estate administration and protection from conflict or litigation over the will.

Review Your Options With Our Team

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