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Knowledgeable Lawyers Protecting You During Domestic Violence Proceedings

Unfortunately, domestic violence is not uncommon, and whether you are a victim of abuse, or you have been accused of abuse, we work with our clients to ensure that the court is well-versed in the truth of your situation.

Domestic violence is not only physical abuse. It can take the form of other abusive behavior, such as harassment, stalking, or unwarranted advances. Understanding the types of situations that warrant a protective order is important for our clients. Physical, emotional, psychological, and financial control and manipulation may be cause to restrain a person and keep them away from a victim. In domestic violence proceedings California family courts do not put orders in place to punish an aggressor, but rather to protect a victim. Domestic violence can occur between married or registered couples, people who are dating, parents and children, and even roommates.

Whether you are seeking a protective order, or you have been falsely accused of abuse in the context of a divorce proceeding or nonmarital relationship, our firm provides prompt, responsive, and thorough legal help.