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Experienced Lawyers Helping Parents With Child Custody Cases

Understandably, the most difficult aspect of a separation is often determining parental custody rights over minor children. Not only does each parent want to ensure a beneficial custody arrangement, but the children are often caught in the stressful position of adjusting to life between two or more homes. Child custody disputes can arise in the context of divorce, parentage, or even domestic violence proceedings. In any conflict, California puts the best interests of the children above all else when making custody decisions.

In navigating through child custody issues, our family law attorneys work with clients to develop plans regarding legal and physical custody, and we help protect the relationship that our clients cherish the most – that of parent and child. From simple visitation plans through complex relocations and international disputes, we advocate for our clients’ needs and those of their children.

Litigation of custody and visitation rights, while sometimes necessary, can be emotionally draining. As we steer our clients to resolution of custody disputes, we first assess whether it is feasible for the parents to amicably create a reasonable custody arrangement. We favor collaboration over escalation, and when possible, it can be in the best interests of the children to have the parents reach a co-parenting plan without court assistance. However, if a custody dispute is brought before a court, we guide our clients through the process, providing insight and experienced legal knowledge so they can make informed decisions along the way. We are staunch advocates throughout the process.