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Experienced Attorneys Offering Guidance On Child And Spousal Support

After custody of the children has been decided by the parties or the court in a proceeding for divorce or parentage, child support in California is determined through a complex calculation that, among other factors, takes into consideration:

  •  income and earning potential of each parent
  •  custodial timeshare
  •  special circumstances and hardships borne by the parents and children
  •  tax deductions and adjustments
  •  childcare expenses

Our family law group works to ensure child support obligations are fair and in the children’s best interests. We develop a full picture of each parent’s financial means and expenses for the court, and we are sensitive to our clients’ current and future financial positions.

Spousal Support (Alimony)

As part of a divorce proceeding, either spouse may request spousal support (alimony). California Family Code sections provide a complex, and often confusing, list of factors a court will consider in awarding spousal support to one party. Included in that list of factors are such things as the parties’ earning potential and income, their age and health, the length of the marriage, expenses, tax consequences, and other economic variables. In addition, the court will look at the standard of living the parties enjoyed during their marriage or registered domestic partnership up to the date of separation.

We work with clients both seeking, and hoping to reduce spousal support rights. If the parties are able to confer and reach an agreement outside of litigation, they may present their agreement to the court, and the court will honor their arrangement. However, in the event of a dispute, we work with our clients to ensure they are fully informed of support rights and obligations and navigate the intricacies of the family law statutes together. We work to negotiate reasonable and equitable spousal support settlements, and in the event of necessary court intervention, we will advocate for our client’s best interest in seeking an appropriate award.