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Take Advantage Of LLC Protections For Your Estate Plan

Most people associate forming an entity such as an LLC with starting a new business. However, LLCs and other entities can also be useful tools for estate planning. Opening an entity can help you meet your estate planning goals, while keeping control over your assets in your hands while you are alive, and minimizing the impact of taxes after you are gone.

The attorneys Johnston, Kinney & Zulaica LLP can help you determine if an LLC or charitable organization makes sense as part of your estate plan, and walk you through the formation process. We will give you real information and practical transactional assistance to ensure that your estate plan meets your needs today and will honor your legacy in the future.

LLCs And Estate Planning

As business owners know, a limited liability corporation (LLC) is a legal entity that protects its owners from personal liability in case of a lawsuit while giving the owners a great deal of flexibility over the LLC’s assets. When used as part of estate planning, an LLC can help people with significant assets avoid estate taxes affecting the size of their heirs’ inheritances. It can also make it easier for you to give gifts to your family members during your lifetime without triggering gift taxes.

Charitable Giving

If charitable giving is a significant part of your estate plan, setting up a charitable entity can help you support the causes most important to you in an organized, ongoing manner. One of our estate planning lawyers will partner with you to establish your charitable entity so that it will be viable in the long term.

Find Out If An LLC Is Right For Your Estate Plan

For more information about including LLCs and other legal formations for the benefit of your estate plan, contact Johnston, Kinney & Zulaica LLP at 415-693-0500 or send us an email. Our office is in San Francisco, and our attorneys and staff speak multiple languages.