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Does income hurt or help a child custody case?

On Behalf of | Aug 30, 2021 | Child Custody, Family Law

How much a parent loves his or her child and wants to provide him or her with the best care could factor into a child custody decision. That said, financial considerations may impact a California family court judge when deciding who gets custody. A parent or guardian must be able to cover his or her personal living expenses, which can sometimes be a struggle. Questions may arise whether a financially struggling parent could care for a child.

Financial matters and child custody

Courts look at many different factors when making any decisions regarding child custody. A parent’s income and net worth may come up when the court tries to determine what is in the child’s best interests. “Best interests” involve many things with a parent’s income and the financial situation being one of them. However, there are other factors the court reviews.

Does a parent provide a loving home that is close to his or her child’s school, hobbies, and established friends? If so, then this individual may provide the appropriate home for his or her kid even though he or she may earn less money than his or her ex-spouse.

That said, a parent who is unable to provide basic care may not be suited for custody. An unemployed parent may not be able to care for his or her young one’s needs.

Addressing financial issues in court

The child custody hearing could reflect only some aspects of divorce proceedings. Child support and alimony requests may become part of the process. If one parent has limited income, support payments may provide a financial lifeline. Such payments may make it possible for the parent to cover his or her child’s expenses if awarded custody.

The courts would likely review each parents’ monthly expenses and needs. Providing accurate income and expense information may give the court a clearer picture of the financial situation. Perhaps the situation is better than a parent thinks.